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RESULTS: TLA Landlord Boiler Statistics 2020/2021 (TLALBS20/21)

The TLA Landlord Boiler Statistics 2020/21. A Collation of data between September 28th 2020 - January 4th 2021. TLA.co.uk landlords have reported a 58% increase in home energy usage by their tenants as well as significant increases in the levels of repairs and replacements for...

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Covid-19 & Pre-Tenancy Care

Making sure the check-in process for tenants is carried out in a smooth manner is more important than ever, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions are tightening across the country again as Britain prepares itself for a fully fledged second wave, and while a...

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In the Event of Disaster: 5 Areas Covered by Landlord Insurance

Those who want to start renting out homes or who want to purchase a small duplex or apartment building to lease to tenants will...

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