Landlord and Tenant
As a Landlord you may wish to recover a property and evict your tenant. This can be done by serving a Section 21 or a Section 8 Notice.
Section 21
A landlord may regain possession of a property by serving a Section 21 Notice after a fixed term tenancy ends or during a tenancy, if the tenancy is classed as a periodic tenancy. However, there are legal requirements that that must be met before the notice can be served validly. Please call Brooklyn Law now to discuss.
Section 8
Here a landlord can regain possession of a property before the term of the tenancy comes to an end. There may be various reasons for doing so, but rent arrears are most common. If a tenant has breached their contract and you wish to repossess the property to avoid any other breaches, you can serve a Section 8 Notice provided the legal requirements for doing so are met, so please contact us now and find out how we can assist you.
Property Litigation 
Are you a property owner in need of legal assistance? At Brooklyn Law we also deal with various property litigation matters such as disputes with builders, neighbour disputes, boundary disputes, easements and right of way. Call us now discuss further.

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