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Who will pay the council tax – the landlord or the tenant?

The tenant is responsible for the council tax (unless you decide to include this in the rent) but this needs to...

Higher Corporation Tax Unlikely To Impact Limited Landlords

Limited company landlords are unlikely to change their ownership arrangements despite the chancellor’s move to raise corporation tax. The tax change from...

Limited Company Formation – Landlord Guidance

Those who buy to let are facing a triple whammy of additional financial pressures. We take a look at one of the...

The Complete 2020/2021 Landlord Tax Guide

We are in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis, which is also impacting business and personal finances nationwide. Some tax changes...

Nudge Letters For Landlords From HMRC

Earlier this year HMRC wrote to many individual taxpayers in relation to information held about overseas income or gains. HMRC is...

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