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Tenancy Desposit Schemes

Tenancy Deposit Schemes – Help & Advice

Get help and advice You can get more help and advice from: your local Citizens Advice officea solicitor or advice agencyShelter in England or Shelter...

Tenancy Deposit Schemes – Disputes & Problems

Disputes and problems If there’s a dispute over a deposit Your tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme offers a free dispute resolution service if...

Tenancy Deposit Schemes – Legal Consequences

If your landlord doesn't protect your deposit Contact a tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) if you’re not sure whether your deposit has been...

Tenancy Deposit Schemes – Overview

Overview Your landlord must put your deposit in a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme (TDP) if you rent your home on an assured...

Tenancy Deposit Schemes – All You Need To Know

This guide is to help both landlords and tenants understand how a deposit protection scheme works. We’ve tried our best to...

Tenancy Desposit Schemes

As of 6th April 2012 all new tenancy deposits must be protected in a government-authorised scheme. This new rule applies if...

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