The definition of House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) changed under the housing act of 2004, with most student shared houses being included as HMOs for the first time. Also landlords of HMOs that are three storeys or more and are occupied by five people of more will need to apply for a licence. In line with this change a few guide were produced to give landlords greater awareness of their responsibilities and the additional responsibilities that have been proposed for the future.

HMO licensing guide for Landlords

This guide provides information regarding the laws and regulations governing Houses of Multiple Occupation and the requirements for licensing HMO’s.

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AST Guide for Landlords

 From the department for Communities and Local Government comes a guide for Landlords and Tenants rights and responsibilities if the letting began on or after the 15th of Jan 1989.

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Proposed Law Changes for Renting Homes

Published by the Law commission, an indepandant body set up by the government, this paper outlines the proposed law changes for renting a home and how the suggestions of the commission will effect landlords.

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