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  1. Philip Roberts

    Can anyone let me know how i cancel my management agreement with my letting agent, i am a landlord with just 1 property which I would now like to manage myself?

  2. OzzyLL15

    I have had a terrible experience with my agent, who we have enlisted since we moved to Australia in 2012. There has been one thing after another and the incompetence of the agency just fills be with insecurities. The tenancy expires in April so we are choosing to end the contract there. But are being advised I must pay over 1000 pound to do so. We are not an investor this is our home where will be returning to at some point and we do not have that type of money. I have tried to make it work even threatening leaving before and being convince to stay after a previous complaint. No doubt I will be happy to negotiate an exit fee but I refuse to pay that sum based on the appalling standard of service. Pleas can someone advise?

  3. Natalie Mansfield

    You should have a notice period within your terms and conditions this is normally 2-3 months. However they will charge you depending on your fee structure and tenants finders fee for the remainder of the Tenancy. Unfortunately some try this on the renewal as well. I would suggest writing to them and clearly pointing out the errors and why you do find this fee acceptable given the fact they have not kept to there side of the agreement. All agents should be registered to a scheme to main one being The Property Ombudsmen so it would also be worth mentioning that you will be filing a complaint with them.

  4. Gordon Bailey

    I have had issues with my property management team, and have raised a complaint through their complaints procedure, Sadly they are franchised and it seems that their head office always backs up the letting agents and very rarely uphold the complaint. I have had to go down the route of the property ombudsman, but can I raise another complaint whilst I am still awaiting a decision on a previous complaint. Can anyone let me know what my rights are with this issue. Thank you.

  5. Gordon Bailey

    Has anybody out there had issues with their Landlords Insurance, I have recently had to make a claim or try to make a claim on my policy. Only to be told I’m not covered, I needed extra cover to claim what I am trying to claim for. I suffer from dyslexia and I thought that landlords cover meant landlords cover, but there is so much small print and hidden clausses that I feel I have not had the proper cover given. When my ex-tenants did a runner owing rent and also taking items belonging the property I thought it would be just a phone call and I would be able to claim for my losses. But sadly thats not the case. Can anybody please recomend a good landlords insurers if there is such a thing. (Thank You)

  6. giuseppe greco

    I’m currently sharing a flat with my ex-colleague. We were working for the same company who was paying the rent, but now I left them and I am working directly for their client. They are really angry now and want me to move out as soon as possible, even if the room where I am staying will be empty, but I have nowhere to go at the moment.They only figure as guarantor in the AST, which was signed by me and my previous colleague. The AST incudes some clause, i.e. we can’t leave the house before an year from the commencement of the agreement; the rent can be paid by us or by someone on behalf of us; as per all the normal AST, we need to give a 2 months written notice prior leaving the apartment.
    They asked the agents to reissue a new contract removing My name, but the agency confirmed me that they cannot tell me to leave in two days as it is not a company let. I am also not sure now which of the two contracts is valid.
    I need to continue staying here, and I am available to pay half the rent.
    My questions as following:
    can the rent be paid half by me, and other half by the company?
    My colleague will probably leave the house within three months, and I am sure the client we are working for won’t accept a new replacement by them. Therefore can he be replaced by another person even if the minimum term for which we are obliged to stay (1 year) will come to an end in 9 months? Do we have to reissue a new contract if he leaves or can we simply swap the names on the initial contract signed by us? If a new contract will be needed, do the commencement date will have to be changed or can it remain the same as it was per initial contract?
    If they ipothetically manage to convince me to move out,
    What should they do in order to remove me from any responsibility concerning the agreement? I believe that I ‘ll have to give a written notice to the landlord, if they want so. What else then?
    I hope I ‘ll receive a feedback soon.

  7. fiona howarth

    I let out my property through a Lettings Agent who proved to be less than satisfactory… The tenants absconded leaving damage to the property and unpaid rent, eventually after getting nowhere with the agent I filed a Court Writ. During this Court process the Agent produced the AST document and Guarantor Document which he previously would not furnish to me. The Court now say that I have no case against the Agent and I have asked that they let me substitute the proceedings against the Guarantor, as they made no mention through the months of proceedings that they themselves were not liable and would not furnish me with the Guarantor details. The court has now replied “The Court does not conduct case management by correspondence letter” – I do not know what this means exactly and when I enquired to the court I was told to get professional help! I have also submitted concerns to Trading Standards regarding there being no record of the tenants deposit in the TDS, and the logos on the Agents website indicating their membership of Lettings Agents Schemes but there is no record of their membership in any of the schemes I have contacted.
    Please help!!! Thank you

  8. Cath Echlin

    I would appreciate any advice about the following problem:-
    I have three properties, all managed by a property management agency. This is the second time within a year they have failed to deposit rents. When I contact them, they then apologise and the missing rents are eventually deposited but I’m becoming increasingly concerned as when I speak to them, I’m not satisfied with the explanations they are giving.
    My concen is that the company is in trouble and that I may lose money through them.

  9. Pink Teddy

    What is an apportionment of rent?
    I bought a property part way through a tenancy agreement that is in arrears. I had to pay £198 apportionment of rent on completion. Does anybody know what this means?

  10. jellynose

    The agent that manages a property for me has told me that they no longer want to manage it. Is there anything that I need to ask them to do before the end of October when they finish managing the property? Thanks


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