Operations & About Us

Our Organisation Set-Up

In order to retain sole operational and financial control, The Landlord Association is a sole trading, unincorporated Association operating under the control of Mr Dean Evans, t/a The Landlord Association. Mr Evans owns all intellectual property rights for the association and is procurator of The Landlord Association brand and landlordexpert.co.uk and thelandlordassociation.co.uk. Mr Evans is responsible by law for all legal and contractual responsibilities and obligations for The Landlord Association.


Contributions/payments/fees/donations allows for employment of staff for the running of TLA services and no annual profit is sought to be made as a business entity. We operate as a not-for-profit organisation that dispenses funds in the following manner:

  • to pay staff for the running of free services to all TLA associates and members
  • to fuel TLA advertising and marketing programs for the benefit of TLA and its partners & advertisers
  • to pay any tax obligations required by HMRC for operating as a sole trader unincorporated association

Our Mission

To provide the best information, services, resources and solutions to UK residential landlords whilst helping landlord serving companies to build their brands and services to landlords through advertising and research based incentives, at the full discretion of The Landlord Association and with the well-being of TLA members and associates jointly at its forefront.

TLA Formation

The Landlord Association formed in 2000. Since our birth online in 2004 we have established ourselves as the freshest, the largest, the most forward thinking and dynamic association for landlords in the UK. We began as LandlordExpert.co.uk, still the most trafficked website for landlords in the UK. Some associations charge annual joining fees under the muse that information should cost money. We believe that information should be free and as The Landlord &tenant Act dictates the rules, its pretty simple to document the answers easily, online and in one place for free.


In October 2020 we launched your new membership website TheLandlordAssociation.co.uk – A brand new platform using the latest conditional logic software and modern useability and user experience tech. This platform has now replaced LandlordExpert.co.uk as The landlord Associations main and only website and will continue to develop until early 2021 with lots of additional services & resources.