Why we are number 1

We are completely distinguishable from other landlord associations and landlord information websites. We are both the largest association in terms of our actual membership and we own and run the largest website – the largest landlord website in the UK for many reasons:

  1. LandlordExpert.co.uk receives more traffic than any other landlord website in the UK
  2. LandlordExpert.co.uk has more total registered landlord members than any other association in the UK
  3. LandlordExpert.co.uk has more pages of useful information than any other landlord site
  4. LandlordExpert.co.uk are ranked higher in more landlord related searches accumulatively than any other on Google and all major search engines. Some examples are below but there are hundreds;
    • ‘Landlord Advice’
    • ‘Landlord Information’
    • ‘Landlord Help’
    • ‘Landlord Documents’
    • ‘Landlord Association’
  5. LandlordExpert.co.uk is Google News’ leading supplier of landlord related news than any other website, period –see us on Google News here
  6. LandlordExpert.co.uk boasts more unique facilities and user friendly applications than any other previous or current
  7. LandlordExpert.co.uk is totally free to join and to use ongoing
The fact we have 39,000 registered members and growing at a rate of up to 25 new members per day may speak louder than any fact on this page. Word of mouth seems to be a very reliable ally indeed.
As an association – well our ethos is very simple. We provide landlords with as much free help and support as we can and charge nothing.